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“Remember…Keep Smiling!”: It’ll Be Hard NOT To In EASTER YEGGS (1947)

4 Apr
Bugs and the sad-eyed rabbit from EASTER YEGGS

If Bugs knew what he was in for, he'd be even more skeptical than he is in this scene from EASTER YEGGS (1947).

by Rachel Newstead

Easter Yeggs

Release Date: June 28, 1947

Director: Bob McKimson

Writer: Warren Foster

In Short: If you sub for the Easter Bunny, make sure you have a good hospital plan and a bullet-proof vest….

Every Easter, I have a tradition.

I do my hair, put on my makeup, select my best outfit and go to the local Radisson for brunch. Then I come home and watch today’s cartoon.

Like most traditions, the roots for this one are long and deep; decades ago, long before I knew enough about animation to dislike Bob McKimson, Easter Yeggs would make me hold my sides with laughter. For me, such a reaction happens rarely enough that I make note of  it when it does;  if a cartoon makes me laugh repeatedly, I mentally enshrine it among the Classics, to be viewed and viewed again. Easter Yeggs has never failed to raise a laugh from me, not even after thirty-five years of viewing. Continue reading


Freeze Frame Friday 3/12/10: You Can’t Keep A Good Animator Down….

12 Mar
Bugs Bunny registers extreme fear while standing at edge of cliff in Gorilla My Dreams

Wild poses like this one show that however much Robert McKimson may have wanted to calm down his animators, in the early years he didn't (or perhaps couldn't) restrain them that much. From Gorilla My Dreams (1948)

by Rachel Newstead

Fans and historians alike usually classify Robert McKimson–unfairly, I Gorilla landing on top of Bugs Bunny--frame 1 think–as a superb animator, but a poor director. Granted, his cartoons don’t appear to contain even a fraction of the insanity of those of the man for whom he once animated, Bob Clampett;  still, the cartoons of his earliest years as a director (1946-1950) rank as some of the funniest to ever come out of the studio.  Easter Yeggs, Daffy Doodles, Boobs In The WoodsHillbilly Hare–theseImage 2 in the sequence made me hold my sides with laughter when I first saw them, something even the funniest Bob Clampett cartoons never quite managed to do. Continue reading