Dig This Crazy Web Page: Our blog…as art

9 Feb

An artistic "tag cloud" of the most frequently-used words in our blog

by Rachel Newstead

This has nothing to do with animation or TV, except perhaps in the most tangential way. But you really should see this…

Have you ever seen a “wordle?”

For those of you whose eyes just glazed over, a “wordle” is sort of part tag cloud, part abstract art. On this site, you can take any block of text, or the URL of any blog, and you’ll see the most frequently used words arranged in wild, colorful shapes. I created the image you see above by entering the URL for (what else?) this blog. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

My, but we’ve mentioned Tex Avery a lot, haven’t we?

What do you do with a wordle? Well, just about anything: print it, use it on T-shirts, or even post it to the online gallery (I haven’t been quite brave enough to do that just yet).

Now if only I could make a wordle in the shape of Daffy Duck…


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