Dig This Crazy Toon: Erbert & Gerbert’s Human Flipbook

18 Jan

by Rachel Newstead

I’m sure you’re all waiting with breathless anticipation for the review of the Beetle Bailey cartoon (hello…hello….??… I know you’re out there, I can hear you yawning!) but in my aimless wanderings on the Internetz, I ran across an item just begging to be our first Dig This Crazy Toon.

There’s a sandwich place here in Wisconsin called Erbert and Gerbert’s: unless you live in the Midwest, you’ve likely never heard of it (it’s limited to just four midwestern states.)  To be honest, I never cared much for their sandwiches; to me they’re the definition of “bland.” Whoever heard of deli sandwiches with no mustard, for heaven’s sake? I mean, isn’t that pretty much a required ingredient for a deli sandwich–OK, Rachel, focus, focus. I’m calm.

(Update: Well, what do you know? According to the Wikipedia article for this place, you can get dijon mustard for your sandwiches. Funny, though, they sure didn’t have any when I asked.  My sincere apologies nonetheless--R.)

But complain as I might about their menu, I have to admit they’ve come up with a pretty darned good viral marketing campaign. One that goes straight to the hearts of stop-motion fanatics like Kevin and me.

Someone has posted a stop-motion animation sequence printed entirely on T-shirts. Impressive, to be sure, but what’s really mind-boggling is the amount of money these folks must have shelled out for all those shirts (I should know–I tried to have some printed with my own cartoon characters until I found out the price. When I came to, I said “No thanks!”)

Now if only they’d put this sort of effort into their food…


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