Freeze-Frame Friday: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

15 Jan

Still frame of Beetle Bailey cartoon "The Jinx"

by Rachel Newstead

Yes, I know. This might seem like a rather bland choice for our inaugural “Freeze Frame Friday”, but I have a certain sentimental attachment to the animated cartoon from which this frame is taken, and to the strip that inspired it. Well, that and I couldn’t let the glaring animation error in said frame go unnoticed.

Now, my fellow toon maniacs, just what is the error, and for bonus points, what is the title of the cartoon, and the studio that produced it?

For most of you who come here, this should pose no challenge at all, but those of you who are stumped will learn the answer on Monday, when I post a review of the above cartoon. As Daffy Duck would say, “What they hey? I gotta have some fun!”


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