Welcome to the new Test Pattern!

12 Mar

Confused? Don’t be–the Test Pattern is “closed for alterations,” so to speak, in preparation for an upcoming relaunch. Since this blog shut down seemingly for good in 2010, television programming has mushroomed. Streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix have emerged as serious competitors to the networks and cable, to a degree that we, the humble authors of this blog, could not have imagined eight years ago. It has opened up new opportunities for us, and we eagerly await the chance to start anew.

We intend to delve more into the world of live-action television more than we once did, as there are plenty of television obscurities that deserve our attention. However, we won’t forget this blog’s core readers, those interested in classic animation.

So stay tuned–new reviews will appear soon. As for the old posts, the best will reappear from time to time (some with updated commentary). We hope to create the sort of blog that will keep you coming back.


Rachel Newstead

Admin, Dig This Crazy Test Pattern